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Publication of a collective volume

Mahmoud Masaeli, Nikolaos Asproulis, Rico Sneller & Timo Slootweg (επιμ.)

Faith in Democracy. Justice, Politics and Transcendence,

Publication Gombel & Svacina, 2020

The book is the product of a joint, international venture of three collaborating and converging research groups: interdisciplinary networkFaith in Democracy (Leiden University, the Netherlands), Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns (Canada, the Netherlands) and the Volos Academy for Theological Studies (Volos, Greece).

This book explores the spiritual potential of faith, mysticism and transcendence in answer to the dangers of a mythologised state and the sacro-sanctification of (liberal) democracy and its rule of law. It searches for a curative for the pathological transformation of these institutions into – so called – political religions. Along this line, it explores the importance of spirituality and transcendence for political legitimacy, democratic participation and international cooperation, law and politics


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