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With the participation of the Director of the Volos Academy

On October 11-14, 2017 the XI Leuven Encounters in Systematic Theology (LEST), biannual International Conference on the general theme “ Ecclesia semper reformanda: Renewal and Reform Beyond Polemics” took place in Leuven (Belgium), organized by the Research Unit: Systematic Theology and the Study of Religions, of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, of KU Leuven and under the responsibility of Professors Dr. Peter De Mey and Dr. Wim Francois, who introduced the audience to the topic of the conference.

The opening key-note lecture on the topic “Ecumenically Remembering the Reformation and Engaging the Future of Ecumenism” was delivered by the Lutheran theologian Dr. Theodor Dieter, Director of the Institute for Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg.

Key-note speakers of the conference also included: Wim François (KU Leuven), Wouter Biesbrouck (KU Leuven), Andreas Beck (Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven), Karen Kilby (University of Durham), Lee Palmer Wandel (University of Wisconsin), Susan Wood (Marquette University), Charlotte Methuen (University of Glasgow), Annemarie Mayer (KU Leuven), Przemyslaw Kantyka (Catholic University, Lublin), Deenabandhu Manchala (United Church of Christ and the Disciples Church), Violet Soen (KU Leuven), Mirjam van Veen (Free University, Amsterdam).

The Volos Academy for Theological Studies was represented by its Director Dr. Pantelis Kalaitzidis, who spoke on the topic “Returning to the Roots and ‘Return to the Fathers’: An Orthodox Version of the Reformation?”. In the same parallel session of the conference, Dr. Jaroslav Skira (Associate Professor of the Toronto School of Theology) presented a paper entitled “Can one speak of Reform or Renewal in Eastern Orthodox theology?”. Dr. Pantelis Kalaitzidis also moderated a parallel session, joined by the Orthodox theologians Dr. Petre Maican (University of Aberdeen) and Rev. Dr. Victor Yudin (Institute of Orthodox Theology, Brussels/Ghent).

The conference was attended by many professors, scholars and PhD candidates from universities, research centers and ecumenical organizations in Europe and America. The Proceedings of the conference will be published by Peeters Press, Leuven.

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Photographs courtesy by Dr. Katerina Bauer